The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Undergoing laser hair removal treatment at The Pearl Derma is an easy, comfortable experience conveniently performed right in our state-of-the-art clinics. Our skilled specialists guide you through the fast, customized process.

Before Your Treatment: Preparation

Arriving with freshly shaved skin allows our lasers to access hair follicles without interference. We provide disposable razors if needed. You also change into provided wraps and protective eyewear that shields from laser exposure.

Our veterans then review your medical history and treatment goals, explain the procedure, plus make you feel at ease. They tailor device settings and parameters to your unique Fitzpatrick skin type and area being addressed.

During Your Treatment: Precision Application

Donning laser protective eyewear, you relax on our medical-grade treatment table during the procedure. The designated treatment zone gets thoroughly cleaned and prepped. Based on area size, we may section off areas with sterile drapes.

Your specialist gently presses the cooled laser handpiece along the skin, delivering brief millisecond pulses. You may feel warmth and snapping from the rapid heat under the skin’s surface, targeting hair follicles. Treatment times range from 15-60 minutes, depending on the area size.

Built-in automated skin cooling before and after every laser pulse prevents excessive heat buildup. This enhanced comfort allows veterans to achieve their optimal parameters for efficacy without compromising safety. Treatments are well-tolerated by nearly all clients.

After Your Treatment: Recovery

Immediately afterward, the skin may appear slightly red or swollen from subsurface heat, but this resolves rapidly. Some localized numbness, tingling, or tenderness could remain for a few hours post-treatment.

Over the next 1-3 weeks, destroyed hairs naturally work their way out of follicles. Exfoliating, avoiding direct sun, and applying aloe vera gel help soothe as the regeneration process runs its course.

Emerging hairs seem lighter, thinner, and more sparse within a month. Repeat sessions every 4-6 weeks disrupt hair regeneration cycles, so fewer hairs return over time.

Achieving Long-Term Hair Removal

Successful semi-permanent hair removal requires a strategic series of treatments to disable the follicles’ regrowth ability while minimizing discomfort gradually.

Destroying and shedding all hairs in the growth cycle takes advantage of the natural timing when follicles restart reproduction. Our veterans map out an initial intensive phase of 5-8 sessions based on your specific goals.

After that, occasional maintenance sessions sustain your smooth results years beyond the normal regrowth cycle. Most patients enjoy a 70-90% permanent reduction.

Holistic Care Focused on Patient Relationships

At The Pearl Derma, our patient-first philosophy prioritizes building trusting relationships through compassionate, holistic care. We educate patients about skin health while creating customized treatment plans for sustained, healthy results rather than quick fixes. Ongoing patient communication and convenience underpin our practice.

Experience the Pearl Derma Difference

Discover the superior dermatological and laser treatments at The Pearl Derma, especially with laser hair removal. We invite you to explore our advanced solutions and experience personalized care that caters to your aesthetic needs. Book your consultation today at The Pearl Derma – Online Booking and take the first step towards achieving your desired results with our expert team.

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