How Laser Hair Removal Works

The Pearl Derma utilizes advanced laser technology to selectively target hair follicles to achieve semi-permanent hair removal without harming the surrounding skin. Our precise medical-grade lasers use selective photothermolysis to remove unwanted hair safely and effectively.

Selective Photothermolysis

Selective photothermolysis is the process by which laser light is transformed into heat energy only in areas containing targeted chromophores that absorb that specific wavelength.

Melanin pigment within hair shafts and follicles readily absorbs red and near-infrared wavelengths between 600-1100nm for hair removal. When our Gentle Pro or Duo Pro Alex hair removal lasers emit a beam of 755nm and 1064nm concentrated light pulses, the energy gets absorbed by melanin inside hair follicles rather than passing through human tissue.

Transforming Light to Heat Energy

This controlled absorption raises the temperature of the follicles enough to sufficiently damage them without burning nearby skin. The heat from the lasers essentially cauterizes the blood supply, feeding each hair’s root inside the follicle and impairing its long-term ability to grow new hairs.

Damaging Hair Follicles

Our skilled specialists deliver controlled laser pulses just above hair follicles. These pulses last merely a fraction of a second, but the heat disables follicles. The laser’s sapphire cooling tip protects the outer skin before and after each pulse, tolerating the rapid heat sensation.

Hairs shed naturally over the next month or so as growth cycles restart, appearing thinner and lighter over a treatment series spanning 6-8 months. After completing the customized session schedule, most patients enjoy long-lasting hair reduction in treated areas.

Customizable Treatment Parameters

We tailor treatment parameters like fluence (laser intensity), pulse duration, and number of passes based on your Fitzpatrick skin type and desired outcome. Darker skin requires lower fluence to prevent adverse effects, while lighter skin can withstand higher intensities for better hair reduction.

With the Gentle Pro and Duo Pro’s large 10mm spot sizes, we efficiently treat bigger areas like legs in minutes. Tiny 2mm spots carefully target small zones with precision, like the upper lip. Our veterans treat all skin tones safely due to these adjustable parameters.

Differences from Other Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal offers distinct advantages over alternatives regarding long-lasting results and safety.

Shaving only cuts hair above skin level and can cause ingrown hairs plus discomfort from constant regrowth. Waxing removes more hair but is messy and often painful. It must be repeated frequently as hair returns within days or weeks.

Electrolysis kills follicles one by one using a thin needle probe that applies an electrical current or heat. It works regardless of hair color but is far slower, more tedious, and more costly than modern laser therapy.

Only laser hair removal uses selective photothermolysis to simultaneously transform non-ionizing light beams into gentle subsurface heat below multiple hairs. The non-damaging wavelengths enter deeper to disable regrowth while protecting healthy skin cells.


Treatment Overview

  • Shave area beforehand
  • Laser handpiece gently pressed to the skin
  • A brief sensation of pulsing heat under each laser pulse
  • Built-in cooling before/after for comfort
  • Session times vary based on treatment area size
  • Hairs shed naturally post-treatment as cycles restart
  • Permanent reduction takes several sessions

Holistic Care Focused on Patient Relationships

At The Pearl Derma, our patient-first philosophy prioritizes building trusting relationships through compassionate, holistic care. We educate patients about skin health while creating customized treatment plans for sustained, healthy results rather than quick fixes. Ongoing patient communication and convenience underpin our practice.

Experience the Pearl Derma Difference

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