PRP Treatment


PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) skin Regeneration therapy is the cutting-edge, anti-aging procedure. The treatment uses the patient’s own blood and thus poses no risk of allergy. The PRP treatment reverses the common sign of aging in the skin speciacally in the areas of face, neck and hands. Book your appointment now with one [...]

Chemical Peel


Chemical peel solution is applied to the skin and works by dissolving the upper layers of the skin. As the tissue is dissolved and skin heals itself, new tissue emerges and fresher, smoother skin is revealed. The depth and strength of the peel used varies based on the strength of the chemicals used [...]

Melasma Treatment


Melasma is a benign skin condition characterized by excessive pigment deposition in the skin. Hyperpigmentation is generally diffuse in the area of the upper cheeks, forehead, and jawline. The top causes of it are Hormones (Estrogen, Progesterone), Genetics, Sun Exposure and Inflammation of the skin. Melasma Treatment is based on reducing the production [...]

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